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Red Brotherhood

Genestealer Cults, math-hammer,
pretty pictures of weird aliens


+1 To Hit, or Exploding 6s?

The Primus gives +1 to hit; the Abominant explodes 6s into two hits. So which one is a better support character for aberrants? Here’s a...


Metamorphs have a range of combat options, so how can we get the most out of them on the tabletop? I put together some metamorphs...

Maximising Rerolls

How do we maximise the effectiveness of our rerolls? I’ve got a feeling that this one might end up stating the obvious a little, but I...

Advance and Charge

The ability to advance and charge gives the Cult a healthy threat range. But how reliable is it? The Cult has various ways to access...

The Patriarch

The Cult Patriarch has a number of functions – warlord, psyker, morale-booster and combat blender. And it’s that last one that interests...


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